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APB Networkers is Celebrating!

APB Networkers is celebrating their 20th Anniversary! As APB Networkers celebrate this milestone, it’s a perfect time to reflect on this remarkable organization and why they are such a driving force in our community.

Wait … What exactly is APB Networkers?

APB Networkers is a networking organization focusing on building relationships, and providing referrals, and business support. At APB Networkers, we’re not just a group—we’re a team. We thrive on the concept of collective support and empowerment. We believe in fostering an environment where everyone’s expertise and offerings are valued and promoted.

Here’s What We Do:

  1. Host weekly networking meetings
  2. Build relationships through team building activities
  3. Exchange qualified referrals with group members
  4. Help build each other’s businesses through seminars and events
  5. Host events in the community to help grow and support each of our businesses

What truly distinguishes APB Networkers is our unwavering focus on the growth and development of our members’ businesses. Our success is measured not by the size of our organization, but by the achievements of each individual member.

Margaret Melville is the current Vice President, former President and Board Member, and a longstanding member since 2010. Margaret is a great example of this growth, development and dedication and has held various leadership positions.

Is Your Business a Good Fit for APB Networkers?

Joining APB Networkers means becoming part of a dynamic team of forward-thinking individuals dedicated to mutual success. To learn more about the process and to see if your business might be a good fit, check out the website here.

Together, we’re building a brighter future for ourselves and our community, one business referral at a time. It’s more than networking—it’s a journey of growth, collaboration, and shared success.

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EDCAR Top Achiever Button

Margaret Melville, 2023 EDCAR Top Achiever!

Margaret has done it again!

The real estate market can be unpredictable. Standing out as a top achiever is a testament to skill, dedication, and commitment. Margaret Melville has not only weathered the challenges of the last year, but has excelled, earning the prestigious title of EDCAR Top Achiever (El Dorado County Association of Realtors)—sixteen years and counting!

What does it take to be an EDCAR Top Achiever?

What makes Margaret’s achievement truly exceptional? She has accomplished this milestone for an impressive 16 years in a row! This level of consistent excellence speaks volumes about her work ethic and the enduring trust she has garnered from her clients.

A photo of the rolling hilles of El Dorado County where Margaret is a 2023 EDCAR Top Achiever
Beautiful El Dorado County, California

Margaret is always looking to the future!

As we congratulate Margaret Melville for her outstanding achievements in 2023, we also celebrate the impact she has made on the lives of those she has served. Here’s to continued success, growth, and making dreams come true in the realm of real estate. Congratulations, Margaret, on this well-deserved recognition! We can’t wait for 2024.

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The Masters Club: Celebrating Katie Kreps’ Achievement

We are thrilled to announce and extend our heartfelt congratulations to Katie Kreps for achieving pre-qualification for membership in The Masters Club of the Sacramento Association of Realtors. This prestigious recognition is a testament to Katie’s outstanding accomplishments in the real estate industry.

Criteria for Membership

To qualify for this honor, a realtor must meet specific criteria, and Katie has not only met but surpassed these standards. The qualifying benchmarks include a minimum of 8 closed transactions and $4.5 million in production or achieving 20 closed transactions.

Katie’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled her to this remarkable milestone. Her exceptional performance not only meets the rigorous requirements of The Masters Club but exemplifies her passion for delivering top-notch service to her clients.

The Role of the Masters Club

The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® Masters Club is dedicated to recognizing the excellence, leadership, and generosity of the region’s top real estate professionals. In addition to strong sales figures, our members demonstrate a commitment to leadership, mentorship, and shaping the future of Sacramento’s real estate community. Each year, Masters Club members generously devote their time to volunteering with and raising funds for area non-profits, providing numerous educational and networking opportunities, and contributing to the career development of their fellow SAR members.

The Takeaway

Being part of The Masters Club is a distinction that reflects the highest levels of professionalism and success in the real estate field. We are incredibly proud of Katie’s achievements and look forward to witnessing her continued success and contributions to the real estate community.

Katie, here’s to many more milestones and successes in your real estate journey!

Learn more about the Club here.

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We Woke Up Feeling Thankful!

As we gather around the Thanksgiving table, our hearts are filled with gratitude! Here at the Melville Group, we have been incredibly blessed to serve great clients and turn real estate dreams into reality. Looking back on a year with a few ups and downs, we are thankful for the trust you’ve placed in us and the stories we’ve helped unfold within the walls of your homes.

Our Services Have Expanded!

We are thankful for the opportunities that we’ve had to grow and expand our services. At the Melville Group, our commitment goes beyond just buying and selling homes; we now offer property leasing services and specialize in offering compassionate guidance to seniors during life’s transitions. We understand that each real estate journey is unique, and our goal is to be your partner, making the process as smooth and rewarding as possible.

We Have the Best Team

Personally, I am honored and grateful to be working with wonderful souls who take great care of their clients and are passionate about doing the best for them. Our fantastic team, including Katie Kreps, Nancy Marshall, Ruth Santamaria, Michelle Badulescu, and Kate Taylor, embodies the values that make the Melville Group a trusted name in real estate.

We’re particularly grateful for the wonderful communities we serve. We think it’s the perfect place to live–close to the Lake Folsom, inviting trails and parks, and a short drive to the bounties of the Lake Tahoe region. It’s a reminder that home isn’t just about the four walls; it’s about the community, the environment, and the lifestyle that comes with it.

As we express our thanks, we also eagerly anticipate the possibilities that 2024 holds. The Melville Group is excited to continue evolving and expanding our services to meet your needs. We’re looking forward to sharing even more unique real estate solutions in the future and can’t wait to share them with you.

May Your Day Be Thankful!

This Thanksgiving, we celebrate the memories we’ve created and the dreams we’ve realized together. From our family to yours, thank you for being a part of the Melville Group’s real estate story. Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving filled with warmth, laughter, and the company of those who matter most. Here’s to the dreams we’ll build and the homes we’ll create in the years ahead. Cheers to a great 2024!

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Meet Nancy Marshall Leasing Specialist

At The Melville Group, we believe that exceptional people make all the difference. We’re thrilled to introduce you to one of our outstanding team members, Nancy Marshall, Leasing Specialist. With an outstanding track record, Nancy brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a passion for building strong client relationships to our dynamic team.

Let’s get to know Nancy a little better!

A Stellar Track Record

With an impressive 16 years of leasing experience under her belt, Nancy is no newcomer to the real estate and property management world. Her journey in the industry has been marked by a dedication to her craft and a commitment to excellence. Nancy has been an invaluable part of The Melville Group for three years. Her outstanding track record speaks volumes about her ability to find solutions that really work for our clients.

Nancy’s strategic thinking and planning skills are second to none. She excels in designing and executing effective sales strategies, and in negotiating contracts. But perhaps what sets Nancy apart is her knack for building strong client relationships. She’s highly regarded for her ability to establish trust and rapport with everyone she works with.

In addition to her extensive experience, Nancy is proficient in program management and real estate software, making her a tech-savvy professional who can navigate the complexities of the modern real estate landscape.

Nancy Behind the Scenes

Nancy’s talents don’t stop at real estate. She’s also a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), demonstrating her commitment to helping others in various capacities. Nancy’s dedication to her clients always shines through.

Nancy’s positive impact on her community extends beyond her role as a Leasing Specialist. She’s a compassionate soul with a heart for animals. In fact, Nancy recently embarked on a heartwarming mission to rescue 25 cats from a ranch in California and drove them to a cat sanctuary to live happier, healthier lives.


Nancy calls Rancho Cordova home, and she takes pride in being an active member of her community. And her local insights and connection to the area are true assets when it comes to helping clients find the perfect place to live!

When you work with Nancy, you’re not just getting a Leasing Specialist; you’re gaining a trusted local partner who’s committed to your success. We’re thrilled to have Nancy Marshall Leasing Specialist as a part of The Melville Group family, and we know you’ll be too.

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Residential Leasing Services with The Melville Group

When it comes to residential leasing services, look no further than The Melville Group. Our fundamental approach is grounded in treating each property as if it were our very own. We provide an array of comprehensive services that ensure a seamless leasing experience for property owners.

Our Distinct Philosophy

At The Melville Group, we understand the importance of property management, and our dedicated team is here to deliver top-notch services tailored to your needs. From premier marketing to meticulous tenant screening, we ensure that your property is leased with utmost care and attention.

Comprehensive Services Offered

Here’s a glimpse of the services we offer to property owners with our residential leasing services:

Rental Price Assessment: Our experts assist in determining an appropriate rental price while discussing desired lease terms that align with your goals.

Effective Marketing: Your property will be advertised across a variety of platforms, including popular websites like MetroList, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and to guarantee maximum exposure.

Property Showings: We showcase your property to potential tenants, highlighting its unique features and amenities to attract the right match.

Regular Activity Updates: Owners receive weekly activity updates every Monday or Tuesday, ensuring transparency and clear communication throughout the process.

Tenant Screening: We handle rental applications and screening reports carefully, helping to qualify the most suitable candidates for your property.

Lease Agreements: Our commitment to professional standards includes the use of the California Association of Realtors’ leases and all necessary addendums.

Move-In Reports: Detailed move-in reports, complete with photographs documenting the condition of the property, provide a reliable reference point for all parties involved.

Owner Information Packets: Upon successful tenant placement, owners receive a information packet that includes a copy of the lease, tenant application, screening report, tenant identification, proof of employment, and move-in report.

Experience Stress-Free Leasing

Are you ready to experience a new level of residential leasing service? Contact The Melville Group today and let us help you secure great tenants for your property. Your peace of mind is our priority. Give us a call!

Nancy Marshall, Realtor/Leasing Specialist, DRE#01394152, 916.508.1895

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Welcome Kate Taylor

The Melville Group is delighted to welcome its newest team member, Kate Taylor. She brings a wide range of experience to our group and we look forward to working together!

In order for you to get to know her better, we asked Kate to share her Real Estate Journey. Enjoy!

Where Dreams Reside

“I am a passionate advocate for the perfect home. To me, homes are more than structures; they reflect our lives and dreams. As a Realtor, I’m committed to matching individuals and families with the ideal living spaces to create a calming, joyful home where the whole family can flourish.

My journey into real estate began with my fascination with lighting and design. Formerly the proud owner of Lampman Lighting and Design in the greater Sacramento area (in fact, my maiden name is Lampman!), I’ve seen firsthand how well-appointed spaces can transform lives. This journey took me to beautiful Incline Village, Nevada, where I expanded my horizons, opening a retail store in the picturesque Lake Tahoe region.

Beyond my design pursuits, I’ve been deeply engaged in serving the community. In Nevada, I took on the role of a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate), advocating for the rights and well-being of neglected and abused children. This life-changing experience only amplified my understanding of the importance of a safe and nurturing environment, reinforcing my commitment to helping families find their haven. Life’s twists and turns led me to Twin Falls, Idaho, where I embraced a role in management with Habitat for Humanity. My Idaho journey culminated in Boise, where I found my true calling in real estate. My design acumen proved to be an invaluable asset, guiding clients towards homes that are not just structures, but reflections of their dreams.

In 2019, I returned to Nevada and continued with my quest to help families find their place of comfort and happiness. Finally, in 2022, I returned to my roots in the Sacramento area, establishing a permanent home and vowing never to leave again.

My journey is proof of the deep connection between homes and families. Let me guide you on your own journey to find the perfect place where dreams reside!”

Kate Taylor
DRE #02115161
(916) 847-6513
The Melville Group

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And the Winner Is …

Top Achievers Award

I was recently honored at a beautiful celebration by the El Dorado County Association of Realtors at the Top Achievers Luncheon which recognizes the top 5% of realtors in El Dorado County. I have received this award for 15 consecutive years! What an honor! Best of all? This delightful luncheon helped raise money for scholarships for graduating High School Seniors.

Thanks to the sponsors for their generosity and to the committee members for all their efforts. I’m so proud to be part of such a great group.

Awards are wonderful validations of hard work.

But awards are not the reason that we work hard. We love our clients! And the beauty is that behind every award are new clients, new friends, and cherished memories that we build together as we work toward a common goal.

The Real Reason We Value Awards

Our clients buy and sell homes for a variety of reasons and it is our privilege to assist in the major life changes of our clients. Some transactions are joyous, celebrating expanding families or enticing job offers. But others require a more gentle touch as clients navigate more difficult life circumstances. We are honored to assist all of our clients as they negotiate these life events.

So, we joyfully and gratefully accept this award. We look forward to serving more clients who become lifelong friends.

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What Your Realtor is Doing “When You’re Not Looking!”

Relax. I’m not suggesting anything covert or shady. I’d like to share a few of the things that you should expect from a great realtor. Because what she is doing when “you’re not looking” makes all the difference in a successful real estate transaction.

Let’s check out a few examples


A great realtor doesn’t just “happen.” A great realtor masters her craft by analyzing market trends and enrolling in continuing education classes for additional certifications. While you’re not looking, she is touring properties and visiting homes that might be suitable for her client. She busily cultivates relationships with tradespeople including stagers, contractors, and landscapers to create a little black book of trusted professionals.

That’s what it takes for a realtor to be prepared for your phone call!


When you aren’t looking, your realtor is creating lists, checking them twice, and potentially creating more lists! If you are listing a property, planning begins before the listing appointment. She will have done her homework by preparing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your home, and will be armed with a personal knowledge of real estate activity in your neighborhood, and will have a targeted marketing plan for your property.

And then, when your back is turned, a great realtor executes the plan!


A great realtor loves phone calls, texts, and email because follow-up is critical in both the buying and selling process. Feedback from agents who have visited a listing is critical for helping Sellers make decisions regarding sales price, changes in staging details or to have the knowledge needed to pivot in the changing needs of the Folsom real estate market.

Experience matters.


When you’re not looking, your realtor contacts other agents regarding potential offers, then analyzes terms and contingencies to guide you through the negotiation process. She will negotiate the best deal for YOU, not the loan officers, not the buyers, and certainly not for herself. Integrity matters.


Transactions don’t close themselves! While you’re back is turned, your realtor works tirelessly with the other agent, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, transaction coordinators, contractors, and more to ensure a smooth close.

Of course, issues can come up during escrow. A great realtor can often foresee the issues and in many cases, the client doesn’t even know that there was a glitch in the transaction. And if the deal does get a little dicey, she is there to counsel you all the way.


The Melville Group would be proud to work behind your back and assist you while you’re not looking. We are excited to roll up our sleeves and put our experience to work for YOU. Call now to learn more about the current market and to determine if it’s a good time for you to make a move.

We want to be your Folsom Realtors! Call Margaret today. (916) 203-3765

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